One World. One Virus. A LOT of Problems.

Dear customers, casual browsers...and just overall people.

We are in a time where the state of the world is changing before our eyes, faster than most of us have ever really seen. We have experienced, much like most of you, the far reaching impacts of this deadly virus, and have watched many of our customers, friends, family members become effected directly or indirectly and it saddens us. Our thoughts go out to all of you as well.

While we cannot directly help with the medical side of the virus, we want to ensure we do right by the world in the sense of things we can control. In the best interest of getting companies technologies needs, we have developed reduced costing structures, deferred payment options, and financing options (for services).

Additionally we have helped develop a platform to allow companies to more easily manage the major shift towards remote working. This will be offered at the lowest cost we can possible provide in order for companies to still maintain their security and compliance efforts during a time where we have seen cybersecurity efforts step up, and attempt to take advantage of the current world situation.

Please take care, stay healthy, and do whatever is in your control to try and help the world get through this.


The PortTech Team