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PortTech is committed to IT and Customer Service

From the first conversation, to the last ... you will be working with a designated subject matter expert in the realm of IT that you need. No cold calling, no insane sales and marketing cycles. If you need us, we will be there for you.

Summary of Services

"Everybody loves ending on a happy note. And what's happier than a goofy smile on a dog? Nothing's happier than that. That's science. It's a fact."
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Cloud (Azure/AWS/Google)

We provide professional services and managed services in most every cloud environment.

  • Cloud Migrations
  • Cloud Backups
  • Cloud DR
  • Cloud Planning
  • Cloud Automation
  • and more!
Cloud Migrations

Do you have a need to ditch your old data center, and get to the cloud? Or did you decide you don't like the cloud and want to move back in to your data center? We can help you do both. We have done hundreds of these, across all versions of operating systems, serverless platforms, and more.

Cloud Management/Costing

Do you need someone to manage your costs in the cloud? How about manage your cloud altogether?

Data Center Services

If it sits in a data center, there is a great chance we can work with it, configure it, deploy it, and keep it healthy....just like your favorite puppy. A full list can be sent over if you hit the contact page up.

And yes, we can even provide you with full managed services, along with Helpdesk.


Do have the need for automation in the Data Center or Cloud? Wanting to automate or optimize how you deploy and manage your apps? We have you covered, and have been doing it before DevOps became a buzzword.

Cyber Security

We have the experience, governance, and compliance depth you need! From Virtual CISO services to SOC/Managed Security platforms, we have proven track experience to not only help you pass audits, but to actually provide you with security that helps you sleep at night.



Our Team

Is an extension of yours

We truly understand the inner workings of how organizations function and thrive. Most of the professional services team have experience in everything from desktop services, all the way to IT management. This allows them to better understand risk, cost, and functionality; along with the careful balance needed to ensure your goals are achievable.

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I have never worked with any team who truly got what we needed, didn't sell us on vaporware, and made me happier than the day I was born. - Future You


In all seriousness, we can provide references, testimonials, etc. These are protected by NDA, as our clients security is our TOP priority.

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