If you are not familiar with what SD12 is you can click HERE

For the rest of you, we hope you saw us at the competition, met us and got a chance to understand what we do. We know that when 90% of people hit a website like this, there is a lot of blah blah blah blah, techie stuff/greek everywhere. But there is a place where a strategic IT services company fits in, even in action sports. Not to mention we just love SMX. 

Hopefully, this page can help you get a taste for what we are doing that you may have heard of, and then some other things which will probably blow your mind.

Something For Everyone (Seriously, Even Riders- Keep Reading)

Whether you are a business owner, run a business, work in IT, or you are an Athlete/Rider, we have something for YOU.



So you have deck, wheels, clothes, store, park, dog, bars, fork, grip tape, banana, and coffee sponsors. But what on earth is a tech sponsor? Well, it is a crazy idea that we have and want to try it out with you. 

So here is the deal. We are looking for AM and Pro riders to be part of the team. Basically, depending on whether you are AM or PRO, you get the following stuff:

  • Monthly $
  • Newest Tech Gadgets, Gismos and Tech Hype
  • Have fun!

What do we want? We want to take online reviews of new technology to another level.

  • Monthly you record content for our VLOG doing reviews of the tech
    • Use it in a way that makes sense to you, doing the thing you love.
    • Example: If it is a new camera that follows your movement, take it to skater cross and try to lose it throwing big combos everywhere.
  • Same sponsor creds you see everywhere else - Insta, YT, etc.


It is not secret the world has evolved and will continue to evolve. You need to do this better, faster, cheaper. You NEED to leverage technology, but its complicated. You are told you need security; what on earth does that mean? You start selling a lot of stuff and someone spits out the words PCI, HIPAA, GDPR, and you facepalm. We can help you. It is not as expensive as you think. We are a highly specialized company that literally deliver everything under the sun, IT. And sometimes even the sun. Browse the website if you like, or just contact us with the button below to talk to a real person. We employ NO SALES PEOPLE. You will be talking to a real life IT guru-ninja.