What is it?

GridComplete was designed to bridge the gaps between ordering circuits, network design, security and innovation.

We have all spoken with or had a traditional telecom brokerage work for us, and while they are good at helping you control costs and getting support, there is something many of us run in to when putting together a plan to implement....Ordering circuits is half the battle. The rest of your questions often left to be explored and decided upon, internally. When you put a network together, many things need to be taken in to consideration, not only to ensure success, but also you plan for the future and have a solid transition plan. This is what GridComplete aims to provide. AT NO COST to you.

Large telecoms largely leverage Brokers as an external salesforce, and pay them based on sales. Whether or not you use a broker, the pricing from the telecom or broker is ALWAYS THE SAME. How is that possible? Monopoly Laws! So why not leverage the telecom companies wallet to pay for you network/security architecture design efforts? Just because it is not in your budget, does not mean it is not in theirs.

The scope of services under this wrapper is simple. Our team will schedule a monthly, quarterly, yearly set of architecture sessions with you and your team. We discuss your plans/goals/aspirations and walk through various ways to navigate the jungle that is the Cloud, Telecom, Infrastructure, Automation, etc. We help you write up these strategics and visualize them in a manner than can help you and your team(s) buy in to the strategies and leverage best practices that we bring to the table. Leverage our years of experience and an ever-evolving technical approach, based on current technologies.

Together, we can make a difference and help you achieve goals you may have thought were out of your reach.